Hospital Frýdek-Místek is a 500-bed non-profit public hospital maintained by authority of Moravian-Silesian region. We offer a fully qualified care in over 12 specialties and serve a local community of over 160,000 people.




The emergency department (“centrální a urgentní příjem”) is situated on the ground floor of the main building (marked as “H” or “F”) and open 24/7. If you have an acute condition that requires immediate visit, please report to the reception desk for further information and evaluation or call 155 or 112 nationwide (ambulance). Please have your ID and insurance card ready for inspection. If you take any medication regularly, please come with it. English speaking physicians are available. For non-english speaking patients, interpreting via telephone is possible (please note that this service is not covered by insurance). Ask our staff for more information.


To contact us, please call +420 558 415 111



Getting to us

The hospital premises are located at Elišky Krásnohorské 321 street in the neighborhood of Frýdek (see map). A paid parking lot for visitors is available to the left of the main entrance. You may also use public transportation (public bus lines, get off at stop “U Nemocnice” or “Lékárna”) or taxi.

Visiting hours

There are 12 inpatient wards in total. For their location, please refer to the hospital plan below. Visiting hours are Monday to Friday 02:00-4:30 pm, Saturday to Sunday (including national holidays) 09:00-11:00am and 02:00-4:30pm. The staff on the ward will advise you how many visitors are allowed and details of any restrictions for that ward. No more than two visitors should be in the patient's room at one time. Children under 14 years are not recommended to visit.  We ask that visitors observe the visiting hours in the interest of patient wellbeing and to avoid any interruption to patient treatment and care. 

List of Wards

ARO = Anesthesiology & Resuscitation
Beskydské oční centrum = Ophthalmogy
Dětské oddělení = Pediatrics
Gynekologicko-porodnické oddělení = Gynecology/Obstetrics
Chirurgicko-traumatolog.oddělení = Surgery &Traumatology
Neurologické oddělení = Neurology
Interní oddělení = Internal medicine
Oddělení TRN = Pneumology
ORL = ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)
Urologické oddělení = Urology
Ortopedické oddělení = Orthopedics
Oddělení (dlouhodobé) následné péče = Long-term care

Map of hospital

Map on Google maps.


map of hospital


Building „A“


B2:       Rehabilitation center

B1:       Beskydy Eye Center – Opthalmology outpatient office

Opthalmology & ENT -  inpatient wardS

Ophthalmology – Emergency

G:        Beskydy Eye Center – Ophthalmology and Neurology outpatient offices, EEG, EMG

L1:       Neurology – inpatient ward

L2:       Internal Medicine – station III (inpatient ward)

L4:       Operating theaters, Post-op care unit

Building „B“


G:        ENT outpatient office, ENT emergency

L1:       Internal medicine outpatient offices (Cardiology, Angiology, Endocrinology)

Echocardiography labs II, III

L3:       Obstetrics – inpatient ward

            Gynecology – inpatient ward

            Neonatology – inpatient ward


Building „C“


G:        General surgery & Traumatology – follow-up office

Hospital chapel

L1        Sports medicine ambulatory office

            Internal medicine – station 3 (inpatient ward)

L2        Gynecology & Obstetrics – Emergency, Obst

L3        Gynecology & Obstetrics offices

L4        Pediatric intensive care unit (abbreviated as DIP)

            Pediatrics admission and general outpatient offices, Pediatric emergency


Building „D“


G:        Anesthesiology & Resuscitation unit (abbreviated as ARO)

L1:       Intensive care unit (abbreviated as JIP, part of Dept. Of Internal Medicine)

L2:       Gynecology/Obstetrics emergency

L4:       Gynecology outpatient office,

L5:       Pediatric intensive care unit (abbreviated as DIP)


Building „E“


G:        Cafeteria


L1:       Gastroenterology & Nutrition outpatient office

            Radiology – Skiascopy, Ultrasonography, ERCP

L2:       Radiology – reception desk, Skiagraphy, Skiascopy


Building „F“


G:        Main entrance hall, Central reception desk , Hospital safe box

            Orthopedics, Urology and Anesthesiology outpatient offices

L1:       Beskydy Gastroenterology Center (Beskydské gastrocentrum) – reception desk

Endoscopy unit – Upper & Lower Endoscopy (Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy, Endosonography), Recovery area

L2:       Central operation theaters, post-op recovery unit

L3:       General surgery – inpatient ward

L4:       Urology – inpatient ward


Building „H“


G:        Central emergency

            CT, Radiology – skiagraphy

L1:       Surgical intensive care unit (abbreviated as CHIP)

L2:       Central sterile services department

L3:       Traumatology – inpatient ward

L4:       General surgery – inpatient ward


Building „J“


G:        Hospital entrance checkpoint

            General practicioner’s & occupational medicine offices

            Minor emergency department – adult, pediatric, stomatology (not 24/7)

            Czech Medical Chamber – local branch office


Building „L“

L1:       Rehabilitation Center


Building „O“


Entrance „O1“

G:        Blood bank, specimen collection

L1:       Hematology & Clinical biochemistry – specimen collection point


Entrance „O2“

B1:       Blood Draw Station

G:        Logopedy

            Hematology outpatient office

L1:       Department of Clinical Biochemistry


Building „P“


Entrance „P1“

G:        Entrance for family members of the deceased

L1:       Labs


Entrance „P3“

G:        Labs



Building „R“


Entrance „R1“

L1-L3:  Hospital headquarters


Entrance „R2“

G:        Internal medicine – station II (inpatient ward)


Building  „S“


Entrance „S1“, „S2“

G:        Department Of Nuclear Medicine/SPECT   

L1:       Hemodialysis unit


Entrance „S3“

staff only entrance


Entrance „S4“

G:        Rheumatology & General internal medicine oupatient offices


Building „T“


Entrance „T1“

G:        Pneumology outpatient office (TRN), Spirometry Lab

L1:       Internal medicine – station IV + Pneumology inpatient ward

L2:       Long-term care ward (abbreviated as ONP)


Entrance „T2“

G:        Allergology outpatient office


Building „V“


Entrance „V1“

G:        Renatex

L1:       Long-term care ward – station 1 (abbreviated as ODNP1)

L2:       Long-term care ward – station 2 (abbreviated as ODNP2)


Entrance „V2“

G:        Blood Draw Station 2: diabetics only

            Diabetology outpatient offices


Entrance „V3“

G:        Social services department

Long-term care - department medical and nursing head offices

            Neurology – infusion therapy unit


Building „Z“


G:        Drunk tank unit (Protialkoholní záchytná stanice, abbreviated as PAZS)


Buiding „X4“


L1:       Medical trade union office, Nutrition & Food services


Building „X16“


G:        Hospital Cashier’s office, Cafeteria


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